You have reached the point of contact for Spencer Millard – Southampton based front-end web developer. I build websites in WordPress and Magento.

What I’m offering

My preferred CMS is WordPress – I’m convinced it is the most flexible platform available. I build fully responsive websites that sing when viewed on any device: laptop, tablet, tv, or phone. Obviously, this last bit refers to a smart phone – retro tech has it’s limits…

If you are looking to set up an online shop, I will recommend either WordPress or Magento, it depends how much power you need. We can discuss which one would suit you.

I offer WordPress and Magento training post-launch so clients can manage their own site once it’s out there. This also includes long-term support, SEO management and hosting / domain advice.

My clients range from small business sites, corporate and private sector, eCommerce stores, to blogs, to booking systems, and business portals.


A Brief Bio: During my post grad studies, I was obliged to fund myself with various awful temping jobs. Luckily I landed one that required no work whatsoever. With lots of time on my hands, and a very understanding boss, I nurtered a hitherto passing curiosity with this emerging web malarky. I learned the basics from one of the very few tutorials available online. This was long before anything as formal as a college course existed. Quickly realising the academic life was not for me, I have been happily building websites ever since.

Contact me

If you would like my help on a new project, or you need advice / tuition in setting up and maintaining a site, please fill in the form and send it on.

To speak to me directly, call:

+353 87 3241095